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Rowland Tabor

Rowland Tabor 2004 (photo by Mike Diggles)


Geology of the North Cascade Mountains, Washington

Geology of the Olympic Mountains, Washington

Visit Geology of the North Cascades: A Mountain Mosaic by Rowland Tabor and Ralph Haugerud at:

And visit Geologic Guide to Olympic National Park by Rowland Tabor at:


Preparation of Robinson Mountain 1:100,000 geologic map with Ralph Haugerud

Compilation of geology of the North Cascades, also with Ralph Haugerud, at 1:200,000 scale and preparation of ms to accompany the map, including non-technical description

Revisions of previously released 1:24,000 scale geologic maps of the Puget Sound region on newly aquired LiDAR bases.


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on-lineHaugerud, Ralph A., and Tabor, Rowland W., 2009, Geologic map of the North Cascade Range, Washington: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 2940, 2 sheets, scale 1:200,000; 2 pamphlets, 29 p. and 23 p.,


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