This publication (U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-479) is a teacher's guide to two U.S. Geological Survey maps that show gravity and magnetic data in contour form superimposed on a LANDSAT satellite image of the San Francisco Bay area. The guide describes the gravity and magnetic fields of the Bay area and discusses how earth scientists use gravity and magnetism to "see" beneath the Earth's surface. Underlined questions within the text are intended to help the teacher formulate exercises in addition to those concentrated at the end of each section. The two maps are U.S. Geological Survey Geophysical Investigations Maps GP-1006 (Isostatic residual gravity map of the San Francisco Bay area, California by Carter W. Roberts and Robert C. Jachens, 1993) and GP-1007 (Aeromagnetic map of the San Francisco Bay area, California by Robert C. Jachens and Carter W. Roberts, 1993). The LANDSAT image with seismicity, but without the geophysical contours, is also available as the Bay Area Earthquakes Poster.

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