Geography Exercises

(A) Using a road map or an atlas, find and mark the following geographic localities on the reference map on the title page of this guide: Lake Berryessa, Stockton, the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Diablo Range, Mt. Diablo, the San Joaquin Valley, San Pablo Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Can you find your house or school on the satellite image? How did you determine your location? What other landmarks do you recognize?

(B) Using a topographic map of your area, find where you live and go to school. As the crow flies, how far away is your house from your school? What is the difference in elevation between your house and school? What is the approximate latitude and longitude of your house? For information on how to read a topographic map, click here. For information on how to order a topographic map, click here.

(C) What is the contour interval on the GP maps? Looking at GP maps 1006 and 1007, what is the isostatic residual gravity value and magnetic intensity value at your school?

(D) What kinds of patterns can you see looking at the yellow circles? Do all of them correspond to mapped faults (look at the title page of this guide for mapped fault locations)?

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