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Southern California Geology

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Southern California Geology


Energy Resources in Southern California

A major energy resource in southern California is hydrocarbon accumulations of petroleum and natural gas that occur in sedimentary rocks. These accumulations occur in six hydrocarbon fields:


  • Los Angeles Basin
  • Ventura Basin
  • Santa Maria Basin
  • Cuyama-Caliente fields
  • Southern part of the San Joaquin Basin
  • Offshore Southern California Borderland


U.S. Geological Survey Research in Energy Resources

The U.S. Geological Survey conducts research on oil and gas resources in the United States under the auspices of the Energy Resources Program . Among its activities is the 1995 National Assessment of United States oil and gas Resources (also see Gautier and others, 1995, in the bibliographic-citation list).

Minerals Management Service Research in Energy Resources

The U.S. Minerals Management Service (MMS) conducts a variety of research, royalty-management, and oversight functions relative to offshore oil and gas resources of the United States. The southern California offshore zone falls within MMS's Pacific Region jurisdiction. For that jurisdiction, MMS in 1995 conducted an assessment of undiscovered oil and gas resources of the Pacific Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Region of the United States (Minerals Management Service, 1997).


Minerals Management Service, 1997, 1995 National assessment of United States oil and gas resources: Assessment of the Pacific outer continental shelf: U.S. Minerals Management Service, OCS Report MMS 97-0019, 270 p.

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