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Southern California Areal Mapping Project
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SCAMP objectives

Develop a uniform geologic-map data base for southern California

A systematic, uniform geologic-map data base for southern California will form a geologic foundation for a broad range of applications--including evaluations of geologic hazards, natural resources, and environmental quality;

Provide geologic framework and geologic history

SCAMP and its collaborators are providing a state-of-the-art understanding of the geologic framework and geologic history of southern California that constantly evolves as new knowledge is gained.

What does SCAMP produce?

SCAMP mainly produces general-purpose geologic-maps and associated information. The information is made available in digital form, together with geologic-map plots generated from the digital data. The maps and databases portray primarily ground-surface geologic information, but they may include subsurface geologic information generated from boring records and from geophysical data. Incorporated into each database is information about isotope geology and geochronology, regional geophysics and geochemistry, engineering properties, paleontology, geomorphology, and pedology (soil characteristics).

At what scale do we work?

For the entire southern California project area, SCAMP is producing an intermediate-scale geologic synthesis (1:100,000 scale, which means that 1" on the map = about 2 miles on the ground). The synthesis is produced in pieces and delivered as individual 30' x 60' quadrangles. The first of these is the Santa Ana 30' x 60' quadrangle, the prototype for other 1:100,000 quads to follow. These quadrangle maps form the southern California part of the National Geologic Map Database, which archives 1:100,000 scale quadrangles from elsewhere in California and the Nation. Map information compiled into SCAMP 30' x 60' quadrangles originates from detailed-scale maps produced by project staff or compiled from other published and unpublished sources.

Detailed-scale maps (usually at 1:24,000 scale, which means that 1" on the map = 2,000 ft on the ground) are produced where warranted by societal issues, or where required to solve complex geological problems. The maps typically are produced using the U.S. Geological Survey's 7.5-minute (7.5´) quadrangle maps as a topographic base. The detailed geologic-map information is digitized and stored in database format using the Geographic Information System (GIS) software ARC/INFO produced by Earth Systems Resources, Incorporated (ESRI). Both digital data bases and graphics files are available for downloading in several formats via ftp. Future plans include release of digital geologic data sets on CD-ROM.

Ultimately, SCAMP will produce digital geologic-information folios that can be integrated in various ways to solve earth-science problems in southern California. The geologic-map layer is the primary folio product, and will be accompanied by folio layers of other earth-science data sets.

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