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Southern California Areal Mapping Project


Where is SCAMP currently working?

SCAMP conducts geologic-mapping and topical studies throughout the southern California area. Study locations vary from year-to-year. Where we work depends on two factors:

(1) Where societal need for earth-science information can be demonstrated, based on requirements identified by local, State, and Federal agencies;

(2) Where we most need to advance our understanding of the geologic setting and geologic history of southern California in terms of the following research themes:


  • landscape evolution over the last 1.6 million years (Quaternary time) as interpreted from geomorphic studies integrated with soils studies and analysis of surficial deposits;
  • strain history within the evolving San Andreas transform-fault system during the last 5 million years;
  • evolution of depositional basins over the last 20 million years (Neogene time), with emphasis on how the sedimentary record of these basins records the history of fault movements;
  • geologic framework and history of Mesozoic plutonic rocks;
  • geologic framework and history of Proterozoic and Paleozoic basement terranes.
14. Santa Barbara coastal plain 13. Yucca Valley region 12. San Gorgonio Pass 11. Santa Ana 30' x 60' quadrangle 9. San Bernardino Basin San Bernardino National Forest 10. San Bernardino National Forest 8. Los Angeles Basin 7. Joshua Tree National Park 6. Mojave High Desert Region 5. Cuyama 30' x 60' quadrangle 4. Northwestern Coachella Valley 3. Twentynine Palms 2. March Air Force Base 1. Palmdale - Lancaster Region San Bernardino National Forest SCAMP index map

Click on this map or the list below to see current SCAMP projects.

1) Palmdale - Lancaster Region
2) March Air Force Base, Riverside County
3) Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center
4) Northwestern Coachella Valley
5) Cuyama 30' x 60' quadrangle
6) Mojave High Desert Region
- a Lucerne Valley Region
- b El Mirage
- c Mojave River
7) Joshua Tree National Park
8) Los Angeles Basin
9) San Bernardino Basin
10) San Bernardino National Forest
11) Santa Ana 30' x 60' quadrangle
12) San Gorgonio Pass
13) Yucca Valley region
14) Santa Barbara coastal plain

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