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Southern California Areal Mapping Project


SCAMP Personnel

SCAMP participants from the USGS are Geologic Division scientists based in the Western Region Headquarters (Menlo Park, CA) and the Central Region Headquarters (Denver, CO). Many of these are members of the Western Earth Surface Processes Team and the Central Earth Surfaces Processes Team, scientific units tasked with understanding geologic, biologic, and climatic processes that affect and shape the land surface and its underlying geologic framework. Other USGS participants are part of the Geophysics Unit of Menlo Park (GUMP) and the Western Region Earthquake Hazards Team.

SCAMP participants from California Division of Mines and Geology include members of the Regional Geologic Mapping Group in southern California and the Geologic-Hazards Mapping Group.


USGS Western Earth Surface Processes Team and Menlo Park Geophysical Unit (GUMP)

Douglas M. Morton (Project Chief, general-purpose geology)
Rachel M. Hauser Alvarez (GIS coordinator, terrane-analysis studies)
Megan L. Anderson (potential-field geophysics)
David R. Bedford (GIS data-base design and production)
Pamela M. Cossette (GIS data-base design and production)
Brett F. Cox (geologist)
Todd T. Fitzgibbon (GIS data-base design and field applications)
Robert J. Fleck (geochronology and isotope geology)
John W. Hillhouse (paleomagnetism)
Robert C. Jachens (potential-field geophysics)
Anne G. Kennedy (digital data-base production and web-site production)
Ronald W. Kistler (geochronology and isotope geology)
Victoria E. Langenheim (potential-field geophysics)
Jonathan C. Matti (general-purpose geology)
Kristen McDougall (paleontology and stratigraphy)
David M. Miller (general-purpose geology)
Fred K. Miller (general-purpose geology)
Charles L. Powell (paleontology and stratigraphy)
Robert E. Powell (research geologist)
Richard G. Stanley (geologist)
Philip W. Stoffer (geologist, librarian, website resources)
Paul Stone (geologist)
Robert F. Yerkes (general-purpose geology; retired)

USGS Central Earth Surface Processes Team

Karl Kellogg (structure and tectonics)
Scott C. Lundstrom (Quaternary geology and geomorphology)
Scott A. Minor (geologic mapping and structural geology)
Wayne R. Premo (geochronology and isotope geology)
Ralph R. Shroba (general-purpose geology and Quaternary studies)
Lawrence W. Snee (geochronology and isotope geology)

USGS Western Region Earthquake Hazards Team

Larry A. Beyer (Subsurface geology and borehole geophysics)
Katherine J. Kendrick (earthquake geology and Quaternary studies)

California Division of Mines and Geology

Alan G. Barrows (geologic hazards and general-purpose geology)
Michael P. Kennedy (general-purpose geology)
Wayne Haydon (surficial geology)
George Saucedo (general-purpose geology and State geologic map)
David Wagner (general-purpose geology)
Chris Wills (surficial geology and geologic hazards)

University of California, Riverside

Russell H. Campbell (geologist emeritus)
Tien-Chang Lee (geophysical studies)

California Polytechnic University, Pomona

Jonathan A. Nourse (crystalline rocks)

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Martha C. Eppes (Quaternary studies)
Leslie J. McFadden (Quaternary studies)

Mobil Oil Corporation

Thane McCulloh (Regional geology)
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